We're in this Together

Inspire's Response to COVID-19

The events surrounding the onset of COVID-19 (Corona-virus) have left all of us with a sense of uncertainty. The situation changes daily, and individuals and businesses must be flexible in order to adapt to the changing landscape in which we are living.

As cases of COVID-19 began to emerge in California, the Inspire team began seeking options for virtual (online) tutoring. On Thursday, March 12, 2020, Governor Newsom announced a Stay-at-Home order for California residents.

At Inspire, the health and safety of our tutors and clients is our top priority. In response to the pandemic, and Governor Newsom's order, Inspire has moved to a 100% virtual platform, in order to continue to provide the tutoring services on which you have come to depend.    

In-home vs. Online Tutoring

What's the difference?

When Inspire was founded in 2003, the online tutoring industry was not what it was today. (Anyone remember dial-up?)

In the 17 years since, technology has evolved to the point where a virtual tutoring session can mimic the in-person experience. Inspire tutors are equipped with resources to conduct tutoring sessions via virtual platforms. Many of these platforms include video chat, white boards, the ability to upload documents/screen share, raise your hand, type, draw, highlight, etc. The only thing missing is the high fives!

Even though we are in the midst of a global pandemic, it's important that our students' educations do not suffer. Our hope is that when this major health issue is over, we will look back on what we did during this time, and see that our students' academic progress flourished in the face of adversity.           

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