The Inspire Story

Inspire In-Home Tutoring was started in 2003 by a dedicated teacher and tutor with a belief in the ability of education to change lives. Years later, we continue to help countless students excel academically, building self-confidence and critical-thinking skills along the way.

Inspire students benefit by recieving personalized instruction in the comfort of their own homes. Because we work with each student individually, we are able to tailor each session to the specific needs of your student.

Although the classroom can be a wonderful place for learning, there is no substitute for individual attention from a caring, qualified in-home tutor. Teachers would love to have the time and resources to work with each individual student, one-on-one, every day. Due to teacher cut-backs and increasing classroom sizes, this is not always possible.

That is where in-home tutoring comes in! At Inspire, we recognize the role that specialized instruction plays in developing a solid educational foundation. That's why we tailor each session to your individiual student's needs.

Study skills lacking? In many cases, it's not so much waht the student is learning as how the student learns. Having a private in-home tutor can improve grades dramatically. Your child's tutor can help her review for quizzes or tests, make sure homework gets done correctly, and realize her full potential by really learning the material - not just getting by!

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