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We charge $52/hr. for our private, in-home tutoring, and $46/hr. for our online tutoring with the same qualifed tutors. Our rates include everything, from travel time (you pay only for the time spent with the tutor), to materials used by the tutor, etc.*

There is no registration fee or minimum number of hours required. You can pay as you go, or prepay to receive a discount!

Rates for tutoring are per hour and per student. We do offer special rates for your small group (contact Inspire for details.) Most tutoring is one-on-one.

*There may be occasions in which we recommend a student purchase an additional text book or other resource, but this is at your discretion. In most cases, students use class materials they already have, which are often supplemented by the tutor. If you are not enrolled in a class, appropriate materials will be provided by the tutor. 

Cash Savers!

Prepay Discount: Prepay for ten hours ($520.00 for in-home tutoring and $460.00 for online tutoring) and receive the eleventh hour free! You can prepay as often as you want. Prepaid hours do not expire. Please note that our prepay discount is available for clients who pay for their tutoring privately; third-party vendors, like charter schools, do not prepay for services.

Free Tutoring: "Inspiring" clients earn free tutoring through our Inspire-a-Friend Program.